An Integrative Approach to Treatment
with Dr James Greenblatt, MD
Limited Time Only
Discover proven integrative therapies to treat mood and behavioural disorders in children and adolescents

Integrative Medicine is Good Psychiatric Care

Dr James Greenblatt, child/adolescent Psychiatrist, a pioneer in Integrative Medicine for mental health, reviews the research and his three decades of clinical experience on the role of nutrition in youth mental health, including ADHD, depression, anxiety, suicide, eating and behavioural disorders.

In this Mindd Health Talk you will:
  • Discover the many factors that affect various mental health conditions
  • Learn the role of environmental toxins and infections in mental health conditions
  • Understand the connection between vegetarian and vegan diets and mental health conditions
  • Discover an integrative approach to treating depression, anxiety, ADHD & eating disorders
Did You Know?
  • 1 in 10 adolescent deaths are from suicide
  • Suicide amongst US girls aged 10-14 has increased 200% in the past 15 years
  • Nutritional lithium has many evidence-based neuro-protective and neuro-enhancement benefits
  • Less than 20% of children/adolescents in need actually receive mental health treatment
  • A groundswell of nutritional and integrative medicine knowledge now helps solve these problems
  • Drug-free solutions without side effects, and backed by research are now available
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An Integrative Approach to Treatment
with James Greenblatt, MD
Limited Time Only...
Everybody is welcome to participate in this inspiring Mindd Health Talk!
Practitioners will hear about the research and drug-free integrative therapies that effectively treat anxiety, depression, ADHD, eating and mood disorders.
Parents, Carers and Teachers will discover the link between environmental toxins, infections and the nutritional factors that affect many mental health conditions. 
Dr James Greenblatt, MD


A pioneer in the field of INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE James M. Greenblatt MD has treated patients with complex behavioral and mood disorders since 1990. After receiving his medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine, Dr. Greenblatt completed his psychiatry residency at George Washington University Medical Center.

Dr. Greenblatt went on to pursue a two year fellowship at John Hopkins University School of Medicine to become board certified in child and adolescent psychiatry where he also served as the Chief Resident. During the fellowship, Dr. Greenblatt received specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders that appear in childhood, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), behavioral disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and complex mood and anxiety disorders.
At the conclusion of this Mindd Health Talk, participants will be able to: 
  • Understand metabolic, nutritional and physiological factors that affect various mental health conditions
  • Discover metabolic and nutritional interventions to help our kids recover from a range of growing mental health problems
  • Understand neurotransmitter systems in children and adolescents and how they impact brain function and self-control
  • Learn about the role of environmental toxins, infections and digestive health in mental health conditions
  • Learn what lesser-known "miracle" mineral protects and enhances neurons
  • Gain understanding of the connection between vegetarian and vegan diets and mental health conditions
  • Learn what "objective symptoms" can be measured to uncover underlying causes of psychiatric conditions in children
  • Learn what causes neurotransmitter dysfunctions associated with sleep, mood and eating disorders
  • Learn about the integrative approach to treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders
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