Advances in Autism Therapies Allied Health Meets Biomedicine
with Susan Marden & Brittany Darling
August 22nd at 11:00am AEST
Whether you are a health practitioner wanting to broaden your understanding of complementary and allied therapies for your development delay patients, a parent wishing to discover more on nutritional therapies and how gut health is vital to your child's health or even an educator. Everybody is welcome! 
Paediatric Speech Pathologist Susan Marden and Nutritionist & Herbalist Brittany Darling will present the latest evidence based therapies in both the allied health and biomedicine space during this 1 hour FREE webinar. 
Susan Marden

Susan Marden is the Director and Senior Speech Pathologist at OneOnOne Children’s Therapy. She has been working in the public and private Speech Pathology sector for the past 35 years and leads a team of 10 therapists in her Bondi Junction clinic. She has worked in the areas of head injury, rehabilitation, feeding issues and learning difficulties. She has presented workshops around Australia and regularly appears on Kinderling Radio. Her primary clinical interest is working with children with autism spectrum disorder.

Susan will present on recent advances in speech, occupational and behaviour therapy in children with ASD and how to get the most out of these therapies.  

Brittany Darling

Brittany Darling is an accredited nutritionist, herbalist and autism mum. 
Her mission is to work with “people who really want to get well and be healthy” by guiding them to nutritional and herbal medicines that provide a personalised and core cause approach The results can be life changing with less inflammation, better digestion and a stronger immune system for optimal health and vitality.

Read More on Mindd Ambassador Brittany Darling Here >>

Brittany will take a deep dive into nutritional therapies, gut health and how to best support your child’s overall    wellbeing. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the NDIS and funding available to families
  • Understand the expectations of evidence based allied health therapy (ABA, speech and occupational therapy)
  • Understand the mechanisms by which integrative medicine (including nutrition) can support better therapy outcomes
  • How to address fussy eating from a behavioral, nutritional and gastrointestinal perspective, while also reducing parental stress
  • How to approach sleep holistically, taking into account underlying nutritional biochemistry and behavioral interventions
The webinar will include an inspiring case study of a child who has taken both the allied and Functional/Biomedical route and has exceeded all expectations. 

This and many other cases give hope for families wanting to pursue Integrative Medicine,
alongside Allied Therapies (e.g. Speech, occupational therapy) for optimal and rapid outcomes. 

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