How to prevent opportunistic infections by optimally supporting our body's immune defences with our daily choices...

You will also receive 3 Awaken Your Health Recipe PDF Handouts:
- Immune Fortifying Shiitake Ginger Soba Soup
- Chicken and Vegetable Soup
- Golden Inner Glow smoothie and Acai Smoothie Bowl
In this webinar you will discover...
  • How to use food and lifestyle to maximally support your immune system at this uncertain time
  • Three resilience factors to improve and sustain healthy behaviour changes
  • Take home some staple immune-boosting recipes
Learn directly from Tabitha McIntosh, ND
TABITHA McINTOSH is an experienced and respected Naturopath, clinical Nutritionist, author, and educator with over 12 years of clinical experience. After attaining her Bachelor of Medical Science (University of NSW, 2001), she went on to pursue her passion for Integrative healthcare by completing an Advanced Diploma Naturopathy & Diploma Nutrition (Nature Care College, 2005), and Post Grad Dip of applied Science in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (Swinburne University, 2006).

Absolutely passionate about improving the health of everyone she comes in contact with, Tabitha's resume includes presenting at conferences and professional development seminars, as well contributing to publications and Natural Medicine. In addition to running her own Sydney-based private clinical practice for well over a decade, Tabitha has published her first book, One Bite at a Time, co-authored with Dr Sarah Lantz and launched an e-course, I Quit Chemicals.

Tabitha feels privileged to be able to inspire her clients and peers to maximise health outcomes by making conscious choices for the health of the planet, and the health of the future generations.

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