Advances in Autism Therapies
Webinar Recording

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Here you will find the a recording of the live webinar presented for Mindd Health by Brittany Darling and Sue Marden
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In this webinar recording, Brittany and Sue mention the valuable resources available in the Mindd Health Hub. 
You can continue your health journey with access to extensive additional expert content on Autism, ASD and related topics.
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Bonus Content Includes: 
  • Webinar recording 
  • Webinar transcript 
  • Presentation slides (PDF format)
  • Research papers and links (PDF format)
  • Tip sheets designed by Brittany and Sue 
  • An exclusive preview of Brittany's eBook: A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy & Preconception 
  • ESDM Parent Information eBook by Susan Marden
Plus Full Access to: 
  • Dozens of video presentations and lectures by Integrative experts 
  • Cooking demonstrations and recipes by expert chefs and influencers who inspire healthy home cooked meals your family will love 
  • Therapeutic eating plans with shopping lists, recipes and 7 day meal plans 
  • Quick tip videos from world experts to share with loved-ones and community to inspire change 
  • Research articles on ADHD, allergies, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, autism, chronic fatigue, dementia, depression, digestive disorders, neurological conditions and more...
  • Private chat groups to help you connect with other members of the Mindd community

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