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Mindd Practitioner Training has enlarged my capacity as a herbalist to provide a better service to my clients.
The training given was of exceptional standard and life changing to myself and how I can help my clients get a better health outcome. It was invaluable information that would have taken me a lot longer to learn if it wasn't from doing the course. I loved the passion and drive each speaker had and was able to place so practically for us to apply.
Thank You Mindd Health for making it a mandate to help others reach their better health outcomes and better self.


Linda, Herbalist & Pharmacist


Training Course Highlight
Brain & Mental Health Training Program
Covering Brain & Mental Health Conditions such as:
Addiction, ADHD, Alzheimer's, ADHD, Anxiety, ASD, Depression, Lyme Disease, OCD, Stress, Suicide + more
Focus on Causes & Integrative Treatments:
Mycotoxin exposure, Role of toxic chemicals, Environmental Influences, Infections, Metabolic Products, Impact of Heavy Metals, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Microorganisms, Food Allergies, Mould, Gut-Brain Axis, Microbiome, Diet, Nutrition, Neurotransmitters, Hormones, Genetics, MTHFR, Ion Channel Genetics and Statins
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FxMed4Kids Masterclass
Community Education
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Community Resources
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The FxMed4Kids Masterclass - Community Education explains in detail WHY the increase in autoimmune disease in children as well as the importance of diverse microflora for optimal health (and how to get one).

The training does a wonderful job in reviewing functional medicine principles and showcasing why discovering roost causes of symptoms is so important when treating children. I highly recommend the Masterclass to everybody interested in children's health as it really hammers home the point that our brain health starts in our gut, so when improving your gut - you can essentially improve everything!

Sylvia, Mum & Health Coach


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