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Practitioner Training
Gain access to over 100 hours of video lectures and downloadable slides by global experts in Functional Healthcare, Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, Energy Medicine, Youth Mental Health, Integrative Psychiatry, Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Cell Danger Response, Neuro Therapies, Building Biology, Kundalini Yoga and more.

Learn to identify and treat the core causes of Auto-immune disease, Microbiome and Mitochondrial Disorders, Allergies, Anxiety, ADHD, OCD, PANDAS, MCAS, Alzheimers, CFS, Lyme, Mold, Mocarditis, POTS, Dysautonomia, CIRS, Skin diseases and much more...

Support patient compliance with materials you can share including 12 therapeutic diet guides that include shopping lists, recipes and meal plans. Anti-inflammatory, Autoimmune Paleo, Ketogenic, Paleo, Gluten Free-Casein Free, Elimination, Low FodMaps, GAPS, Body Ecology, therapeutic benefits of herbs and spices and Healing Leaky Gut.
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Building Resilience
Practitioner Training

This 20 hour course features global experts on Environmental & Functional Medicine, Functional Psychiatry, Microbiome & Mitochondrial Health, Epidemiology, Detoxification, Youth Mental Health and holistic solutions for emotional trauma including James Neuenschwander MD, Lyn Patrick ND, Robert Naviaux MD, PhD and Prof Kerry Bone as well as an Ages & Stages Masterclass with Dr Liz Mumper, Dr Nancy O'Hara, Lindsey Wells ND.

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Chronic Disease Recovery
Practitioner Training 

This clinic-focused, data-driven training in Functional, Nutritional, Environmental & Energy Medicine features world experts with extensive clinical experience. Dr Robert Naviaux PhD opens with an overview of the Cell Danger Response which provides a fundamental understanding of how chronic diseases can be classified by the stage of the healing cycle that is blocked and how unblocking can lead to vibrant health. 5 other clinicians and one research expert follow with ways to support the body's innate ability to heal from a range of inflammatory disease conditions including Lyme, ADHD, asthma, alzheimers, eczema, Autism, Pots & Dysautonomia, PANS & PANDAS, CIRS, alopecia, vitiligo, migraines, psychosis, cutaneous mastocytosis, food sensitivities and auto-immunity. Discover lesser known therapies that promote tissue regeneration, reduce pain and inflammation, improve lymphatic drainage and microcirculation, and increase energy through mitochondrial activation.

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FxMed4Kids Masterclass
Practitioner Training

This Masterclass is designed to upskill practitioners in a Functional approach to treating and reversing complex chronic illness which impacts over 50% of adults and children across the globe. By definition, the epidemic in chronic illness that has emerged over the past 2 generations is environmental and epigenetic not solely genetic. Learn how to identify and treat the core causes of autism, ADHD, allergies, anxiety, asthma, brain-gut disorders and a long list of auto-immune conditions. Gain understanding from 3 experienced Functional clinicians, with 70 plus years of experience, on the distinction between "common" and "normal" illness and share their important perspective on preserving a baseline for optimal health. This foundational training can be applied to the treatment of both children and adults.

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Brain & Mental Health 
Practitioner Training (single lectures)

Choose from dozens of video lectures by 21 world experts in Integrative Psychiatry and Functional Medicine who treat addiction, ADHD, alzheimer's, anxiety, ASD, depression, Lyme, OCD, stress, suicide + more. Learn how to identify and treat the underlying cause of brain and mental health conditions such as mycotoxins, toxins, heavy metals, infections, allergies, mold, hormones, mitochondrial dysfunction, metabolites, neurotransmitters, medications, deficiencies, diet, lifestyle, ion channel genetics, MTHFR and epigenetics.


Clinical Pearls
Practitioner Training (single lectures)

Learn the latest testing, diagnosis and treatment approaches from global experts in Functional & Environmental Medicine, Integrative Psychiatry, Nutrition, Naturopathy & Chiropractic. Choose from dozens of individual lectures on POTS, Dysautonomia, Autism, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Alzheimers, CFS, Lyme, Mold, heart health, Women's & Children's Health and more.


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