Functional Medicine for Kids Masterclass
Community Education
Designed to EMPOWER parents, carers
and allied practitioners
Discover the Fundamentals of Functional Medicine

Presented by Clinical Experts
Dr Nancy O'Hara, Dr Elizabeth Mumper, Lindsey Wells ND

Learn the Foundations of a functional approach to understanding and treating the metabolic, immune, neurologic and digestive systems.

Learn symptoms, causes and treatments for Autism, developmental delay, male infertility, gut & endocrine disorders.

"The Functional Medicine for Kids Masterclass - Community Education explains in detail WHY the increase in autoimmune disease in children as well as the importance of diverse microflora for optimal health (and how to get it).

The masterclass does a wonderful job in reviewing functional medicine principles and showcasing why discovering roost causes of symptoms is so important when treating children. I highly recommend the Masterclass to everybody interested in children's health as it really hammers home the point that our brain health starts in our gut, so when improving your gut - you can essentially improve everything!"

~ Sylvia, Mum & Health Coach

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Foundations of Functional Medicine
Clinic-focused education by world experts 

The benefits of a Functional approach are broad sweeping and a few basic treatments that address core cause can help a wide variety of symptoms and conditions in children and adults..

In this clinic-focused, 5-module course taught by 2 expert Functional Pediatricians and a Functional Naturopath you will learn the Foundations of Functional Medicine including:
Module 1:
Foundations of Functional Medicine
with Dr Elizabeth Mumper MD
Module 2:
Gastrointestinal System
with Dr Nancy O'Hara MD
Module 3:
Immune System
with Dr Nancy O'Hara MD
Module 4:
Metabolic System
with Dr Elizabeth Mumper MD
Module 5:
Nervous System
with Dr Lindsey Wells ND
  • Dietary, nutritional and natural therapies
  • Lifestyle measures that support the body's innate ability to heal and find homeostasis
  • Systems biology and how the metabolic, immune, nervous and digestive systems work and interact
  • The 5 key pillars of good health
  • Ways to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress associated with immune dysregulation and cytokine storms
  • Key lab tests and relevant research
Learn from world experts while helping us grow grass roots support behind Natural and Functional Healthcare. 
Mindd Health is offering A NEW ONLINE MASTERCLASS with a focus on the functional approach to treating and reversing chronic illness in children. 

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  • Masterclass by expert clinicians
  • Self-paced learning
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  • Unbiased, science-based content
  • Upgrade your skills for optimal patient outcomes
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Functional Medicine for Kids
Community Education
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Foundations of Functional Medicine
Gastrointestinal System
Immune System
Metabolic System
Nervous System
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