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Functional Medicine for Kids Masterclass
Community Education

Functional Medicine for Kids is an online, on-demand masterclass designed to EMPOWER parents, carers and allied practitioners with knowledge on treating and reversing chronic illness driven by the environment.

With over 50% of children struggling with chronic illness and developmental delay such as autism, ADHD, allergies, anxiety, asthma, gut-brain disorders and a long list of auto-immune conditions, it's vital these families benefit from the power and efficacy of Functional Medicine which focuses on treating core cause over symptoms and tailoring the approach to individual genes and biochemistry.

"The Functional Medicine for Kids Masterclass - Community Education explains in detail WHY the increase in autoimmune disease in children as well as the importance of diverse microflora for optimal health (and how to get one)."
~ Sylvia, Mum & Health Coach

Building Resilience
Community Education

Discover how to adapt and thrive during challenging times!

Lectures will focus on Building Resilience, Youth Mental Health, intersection of planet and human health and managing immune and emotional stress.

And includes Masterclass: Ages & Stages of Childhood Development with Dr Liz Mumper, Dr Nancy O'Hara and Lindsey Wells ND.

+ Practicals exercises for Building Resilience!

Clinical Pearls
Community Education

Mindd offers a platform for individuals to purchase courses on various health and wellness topics, including building resilience, functional medicine, natural therapies, children's health, psych neuro therapy, and environmental health. The courses aim to provide knowledge and skills for individuals to improve overall health and well-being, using a holistic and natural approach.

Whether you're looking to boost your own resilience, learn more about natural remedies, or promote healthy living for your children, Mindd has prepared something for everyone interested in exploring new paths to wellness.

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The Mindd Foundation Practitioner Directory is a great way to find a certified health practitioner who has completed Mindd training in Integrative Healthcare and Functional Medicine.

Search by category or location to find a practitioner who can help you get to the root cause of your illness.

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Mindd Practitioners have a thorough understanding of Integrative and Functional Medicine. All Practitioners listed in the directory have completed the Mindd Practitioner Training in the last 3 years.

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